Blower Door Testing in Pensacola

Dependable blower door testing services in Pensacola.

With building codes continuously being upgraded and the demand for energy-efficient homes on the rise, blower door testing has become a valuable resource for contractors. It’s an effective way of measuring the air-tightness of a home and identifying where there are leaks that need to be patched up.

The technicians at Boutwell’s Air Masters can provide this service to homeowners in the Pensacola, FL area. Let us help you find out where the holes in your home exist so we can plug them up to prevent air from escaping.

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blower door testing services

How Does Blower Door Testing Work?

Professionals attach a blower door to the frame of an opened exterior door. This tool uses a powerful fan to suck out the air in your home and lower the air pressure. The air outside, which is of a higher pressure, will try to balance out the low-pressure air inside by entering through any cracks it can find. After locating these cracks, a technician can identify what areas of a home need to be sealed. Once the holes are plugged and no more air can escape your home, you can enjoy the full benefits of your HVAC system without any concern about waste.

Why is Blower Door Testing Important?

Without blower door testing, it would be very difficult for an expert to determine the air exchange rate in a building. Considering how much of an impact this has on energy efficiency, it’s a handy way of helping residents lower the cost of home ownership. It also has other benefits:

  • Helps identify window frames that need fixing to keep them water-tight
  • Reveals the sources of any uncomfortable drafts in your home
  • Measures how much air is leaking within your ductwork

If you have concerns about your home’s energy efficiency or any of the above, it might be prudent to have blower door testing performed in your home.

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We’re available to help whenever you need it most. If you think your home should undergo blower door testing, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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