Duct Blaster Testing in Pensacola

Dependable duct blaster test services in Pensacola.

It’s important to homeowners that their homes be energy efficient. Some of the sneakiest culprits that can cause the effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning system to plunge are leaky air ducts. Luckily for residents of Pensacola, FL, the experts at Boutwell’s Air Masters have a way of identifying these leaks.

Our technicians have the tools and training necessary to perform a duct blaster test in your home. It’s an effective way of locating problem areas in your ductwork, which makes it all the more easy to fix the problem.

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How Does a Duct Blaster Test Work?

A duct blaster is attached to an air vent in your home. It uses a powerful fan to lower the air pressure in your home’s ductwork. Since areas of high air pressure always move toward areas of low air pressure, any air outside of the ducts will try to make its way in through cracks and holes. A professional will be able to measure how much external air is making its way into the ducts and determine where the leaks are located. Afterward, they can conduct any necessary repairs.

Why Are Duct Blaster Tests Important?

A lot of the energy that’s wasted in homes are due to leaky air ducts. Just think about all of the air conditioned or heated air that can escape due to a crack or hole in the ductwork. This can cause your HVAC system to work harder to keep you comfortable, which can result in a big increase in your energy bill. On top of that, leaky ducts can allow dust and debris to enter your ventilation system and spread throughout your home, which contributes to poor indoor air quality.

First-Rate Service In Your Home

Boutwell’s Air Masters has been proud to serve the people of the Gulf Coast area for over 40 years. We take pleasure in ensuring the comfort of all our customers by servicing their heating and air conditioning needs. We enjoy conducting high-quality, professional work at a fair price.

If you need a hand with making your home more energy efficient, we’re ready to help. Call us if you think it’s wise to perform a duct blaster test in your home.

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Homeowners in Pensacola, FL who want to make their homes more energy efficient trust in the help of our contractors. Do you want to schedule a duct blaster test? Give us a call at 850-969-9711 to schedule an appointment.