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Wintertime to the people of Pensacola, FL is nothing to joke about. While it’s true daytime weather throughout the year is often warm, even scorching hot during summer, the temperature can become quite chilly at night during the winter season. It’s critical, therefore, that homeowners around the Gulf Coast have access to a heater replacement service if their appliance suddenly bites the dust.

The experts employed by Boutwell’s Air Masters have the training and expertise needed to ensure nobody in your home stays warm and cozy. If you're dealing with the misfortune of a broken down heater, let us help with heating installation and repair services you can rely on.

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When Is it Time for Heater Replacement?

Like all appliances, eventually your heater will need to be replaced. But before it dies on you, consider swapping your current one with a newer model. While installing a brand new appliance will cost a lot up front, it will be more energy efficient. Instead of paying for frequent maintenance and repairs, consider the amount you will save in utility costs with a modern heating system.

The older a heating unit gets, the more service calls it will require. If you find yourself stuck paying for repairs on your current system and the costs are getting out of hand, consider asking a technician for an evaluation of your appliance. Our team members will be able to tell you whether or not it installing a new heater makes the most sense.

Signs Your Heater Is Nearing its End

It’s best to educate yourself on the symptoms of a heater in decline so you can make plans toward purchasing a new system before the one you own breaks down entirely. Here’s what homeowners should be looking out for:

  • Big differences between a thermostat reading and the actual temperature
  • Loud, banging noises or vibrations coming from within the unit
  • Unusual smells coming from the heating appliance
  • A sudden spike in your monthly utility bill

Any of the above symptoms could be an indication something is very wrong with your heating system. We recommend making a service call to inspect it.

Reliable Service For You

For over 40 years Boutwell’s Air Masters has been diagnosing and fixing the air conditioning and heating problems of Gulf Coast residents. It’s our pleasure providing first-rate, dependable service at an affordable price.

We’re here to help. If you’re looking for heater replacement services, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

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Pensacola, FL area residents rely on us for heater replacements when appliances break down. Don’t let your family suffer those chilly winter nights longer than necessary. Give us a call at 850-969-9711 to schedule an appointment today.